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EP is coming!

So, I said that it wouldn't be so long until I wrote the next blog post...but oops. Anyway, it's here now!

I got the email today from Birnam CD with my EP's delivery date, how exciting! It's been a long time coming, juggling paperwork and working Monday-Friday, freelance with Live Music Now Scotland and for myself (gigs and teaching etc.) - can't complain at being busy though!

I can say that the launch gig will be at St. Margaret's in Braemar, in autumn. I haven't confirmed a date yet but if you'd like an EP, you can send me an email, text or whatever (ask my mum if you're in Braemar, she's basically my agent), and I can get them to you one way or another. I'm saying this as if I've got heaps of fans and they'll be flying off the shelf...but I'm going to resist putting it on streaming services for now because I'd get 0.000001 pence per stream or something ridiculous like that. Physical copies all the way! Even if you don't have a CD player anymore, it would look good on a shelf somewhere 😉😉😉

The wonderful Eddie Seaman and now-famous Lewis McLaughlin (he's playing at Glastonbury this year!!!) will be joining me on that gig too - they're amazing and you'll be able to get their CDs as well. Yay!

So, that's the big news. Lots of happy things are happening at the moment and life is fun. I think that's everything for now, I'm going to keep my head down and keep working away until the end of August. I promise it won't be as long until the next wee update, I'll have more things to tell you about over the next few weeks.

Ellie x

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