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2 weeks to go...and hello!

Hello everybody, this is the first blog I’m publishing on my brand new, shiny website and I’ll start with letting you in on a little secret - I’m releasing an EP! How exciting...and also very nerve wracking.

I’m actually just back from a very important business meeting with Simon Thoumire (basically me going “ARGH, I don’t know what I’m doing!”), and alongside his words of wisdom, he suggested creating a diary-like journey to show people my progress and such. So, here we are.

Myself and my good friends, Eddie Seaman and Lewis McLaughlin are heading into Scott Wood’s Oak Ridge Studios at the beginning of October to record a 5-track EP, which will contain tunes which I have written myself, and some more traditional melodies. This project came about following my Honours recital for my degree at UHI, which I recorded entirely from my bedroom in Braemar (pictured above). Under normal circumstances, this would’ve been performed live in Stornoway, but this was not able to take place due to the pandemic.

The outcome of this bedroom-based production was better than any of us had expected, and we thought it would be a shame to let it sit unheard. So, with some adjustments and new arrangements, this EP will be an insight into what I do. There is no set timeline for release yet, but once I find my feet with all the admin stuff, I will be shouting about it on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Website, and for those professionals out there, LinkedIn too.)

Any questions, or advice, fire it my way!

Ellie x

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