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1 week until launch day ๐Ÿš€

Here we are, just over a week until the launch of Dargai. The rehearsals are complete, the tunes have been decided (mostly...who doesn't love a bit of spontaneity?!), and we're ready to hit the road (M8 for A93 to be specific).

I always find the week before a big gig such a weird time. Should I be nervous? Have I done everything? - because realistically there is still time to make the music better! Will people come and watch it? Will people buy it at the gig? Or will they hate it and never speak to me again? Highly unlikely, I know, but still....Having the gig at Braemar Folk Festival is such an honour, but the lineup is full of highly esteemed musicians, making the 'What ifs' even worse. I'm sounding very doom and gloom as I'm sitting in my little kitchen in Glasgow writing this, but I'm thrilled to be playing the gig in the hills, rather than surrounded by high rise blocks and the sound of sirens. Anyway, I thought it might be nice to give a lowdown of my fellow musicians who are playing with me:

First up, Eddie Seaman on pipes and whistles. I first met Eddie in St. Margarets Braemar (the very venue this gig will be in!) when we were doing a composition project together through Live Music Now Scotland back in 2018. Hailing from Edinburgh, but now a resident in Maryburgh, Eddie completed the Piping Degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in Glasgow. He has also been a piping teacher at The National Piping Centre, RCS, Dundee City Council, and is now teaching in various schools throughout the Highlands. Eddie and I often enjoy a walk through Glasgow on a dreich day, visiting our favourite sandwich shops for a spot of lunch, aww.

Eddie tuning up at rehearsals for the recording of Dargai, this time last year.

Next, Lewis McLaughlin on guitar and vocals. Also from Edinburgh, Lewis and I first started playing together in a ceilidh band back in 2013...I think? We've kept in touch all these years, playing for weddings and ceilidhs along the way. Lewis recently won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition after releasing his debut album, 'Feel The Ground You Walk Upon'. So, he's like proper famous! Lewis is going on tour soon, make sure to check out the dates.

Lewis playing at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival this year.

Last, but very much not least, Ciar Milne - Dundonian, fantastic piper and also my boyfriend. We've been playing together for nearly 3 years now, up and down the country playing for various events. Our highlight from 2022 was going to the Isle of Coll for 4 days with Live Music Now Scotland, where we held workshops in the primary school. We also played at Piping Live! festival in August as part of the Emerging Talent series, which was very fun! It's certainly been a mad summer, with a few little getaways thrown in there too. Check out our Instagram - @mclarenmilneduo, to stay up-to-date!

Ciar and I performing at Music at Paxton 2022, through Live Music Now Scotland.

This has been a very quick roundup of the lovely humans who are playing with me at the launch next week, but do check your diaries and keep Saturday 1st October free, then you might find out more about them (and hear some tunes too!)

Click on the link below for tickets, bye for now x

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